Why Sustainability Awards

We’ve seen some truly meaningful business take place during the course of a very difficult year. The perseverance and passion we witnessed separated the good teams from the great.

That’s where you come in. By sharing your story with the world, you open up a world of opportunity for your business and your peers.

World Sustainability Awards will not only give your team the recognition it deserves, but also provide valuable insight to the rest of the sustainably-conscious community. Benchmarking, raising awareness and influencing wider change are just some of the benefits you’ll be getting and giving back.


Gain recognition for excellence

Shine before the biggest global brands and demonstrate your impact

Benchmark your achievements

Measure how your sustainability initiatives stack-up against others

Influence wider change

Be seen as a leader within the sustainability revolution and help to broaden its impact

Amplify your brand

Award winners will gain extensive brand awareness

Celebrate your success

Celebrate your achievements in style with your team

Demonstrate your awareness

Show your awareness of the importance of sustainability to your peers

Talk to us

Share you details and a member of the Sustainability Leaders team will be in contact to give you more information about our network.