Carbon Reduction Award

Rewarding teams that are significantly reducing GHGs across the organisation

Sustainable Supply Chain Award

Rewarding teams that are addressing environmental and social issues in the supply chain

Sustainable Technology Award

Recognising technologies that help ensure a more sustainable future

Circular Economy Award

Recognising organisations that are adopting a more circular form of doing business

Human Rights Award

Recognising organisations that ensure human rights are upheld across their value chain

Diversity & Inclusion Award

Recognising organisations that have embedded diversity and inclusion into how they run their business

Profit with Purpose Award

Recognising businesses that combine profitability with sustainability

External Partnership Award

Recognising collaborations that have made significant sustainability improvements

Sustainability Leader Award

Highlighting the individual who is leading their organisation towards a more sustainable future

Sustainability Team Award

Showcasing a sustainability function that collectively drives progress and effects change

Business Transformation Award

Celebrating organisations that have fundamentally changed their business models to be more sustainable

Business of the Year Award

Recognising the organisation that is leading the way in environmental and social sustainability

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